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The Trusted Advisor Program (TAP) – Sometimes you need a coach, sometimes a mentor and sometimes you just want advice from someone you trust. Moreover, you might need all three in the same conversation. That is the idea behind the Trusted Advisor Program. Enrol for 10 hours of conversation over six months to be scheduled in increments and at times convenient to you. We will work together on your challenges, whether professional or personal, to enable you to get unstuck and move ahead with confidence. Contact us and set up a free sample session.

Mentor Coaching Series– Meet by Zoom three times each month with other coaches interested in growing their emotional knowledge and its application to coaching. Dan leads these interactive sessions where you’ll learn new distinctions, explore their application and have to opportunity to present your challenging coaching cases for examination. For a conversation or to sign up send us a message Contact

Demystifying Emotions – Monthly calls hosted by Dan Newby that will help you understand emotions in a different light. We will discuss emotions as our “fuel for action”, a source of information and their individual purpose. We will discuss your challenges and questions about the impact of emotions on your life and how to navigate them more productively. Contact us with your questions or a free introductory conversation with Dan.