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Join The Mentor Coaching Series– Every human being has emotions, yet we often have an uneasy relationship with them. Change that in this immersive, engaging series.

How would you describe your relationship with emotions? Strained? Challenging? Uncomfortable? Unsure? Those are all answers we’ve gotten to this question. Most of us have never spent time focused on emotional learning and are therefore not emotionally literate, but that can change.
In this course you will:

  • Build your emotional vocabulary and understanding
  • Experience Dan’s approach to emotions and their relevance for your work and life
  • Learn how to bring emotions into your coaching and leadership
  • Earn six pre-approved ICF CCEUs

Join Dan Newby, 4-time author/coach, 2019 WBECS presenter and Founder of the School of Emotions and coach/facilitator Becky Ives, Founder of The Mentor Coaching Series.


  • 6 one-hour virtual group learning sessions
  • Saturdays: January 11 & 25, February 8 & 22, March 14 & 28
  • 2 schedules available depending on your time zone:
  • 1:00 am EST (NY)/ 7:00 UTC for Asia/Austraila/Europe: Click to register
  • 12:00 pm EST (NY)/ 17:00 UTC for the Americas/Europe/Africa: Click to register

Sessions are recorded in case you are unable to attend.
If you are a person serving others, a coach/leader/ therapist/ educator, this series will change your understanding of and relationship with emotions. You will learn a framework that is logical, your comfort will increase, and you will begin to see that emotions are as natural as breathing, eating and sleeping!