‘Innovate Your Life’ Course with Dan Newby and Marvin Smith

Location: Online Event

Innovate Your Life is an immersive transformational journey leveraging the power of emotional learning, creative-change models, and thinking skills. Actions are inseparable from the emotions a person experiences while anticipating and taking those actions. Typically, innovation processes focus on the ‘what’ and don’t delve deeply into the ‘who’. Our holistic process embraces both.

What is the focus of Innovate Your Life?

Innovate Your Live is a two-pronged journey to self-discovery and life innovation for those ‘seeking more’ or who are dissatisfied with their current state. One track of IYL focuses on concrete innovation processes, models, and thinking skills, while the other explores and leverages emotions as an innovation tool.


Who is behind IYL?

Dan Newby and Marvin Smith are collaborators on this unique program. Dan is the founder of The School of Emotions, an author and advocate for emotional literacy and its application. Marvin Smith is a long time facilitator and consultant in breakthrough thinking and creative problem-solving skills transfer.


Program Promises

The promises of the Innovating Your Life Program are:

    1. To teach you key models that are the basis of any type of innovation and how to apply them to your life design.
    2. To strengthen your ability to understand and work with emotions that will help you understand who you are, why you react to events as you do, and how to use your emotional wisdom to design and navigate life constructively.
    3. That you will leave the course with a clear sense of direction, concrete steps, and practices for bringing innovative solutions to both large and small situations and issues in your life.


You can expect to…

  • Be surprised, challenged, and perhaps confused as your perspective of life design changes
  • Reflect on and clarify your personal values, heart’s desire, and passions
  • Learn new ways to articulate your life vision
  • Build your emotional understanding and capacity
  • Acquire distinctions and skills to navigate challenges with more ease and grace
  • Connect with and learn from others in the cohort even though their challenges are different from yours
  • Enjoy the process of discovering yourself in new ways


How is the course organized?

  • The course is organized as 4 three-hour sessions held every other week. The total course length is approximately two months and will meet on May 12th & 26th, June 9th & 23rd.
  • The value of the course is $995 but is offered on the basis of “pay what works for you”. Our aim is that you are committed but are not suffering due to your investment.

* If you are interested in this course and the full price is currently beyond your means, please write to me at dan@schoolofemotions.world to discuss options


Who can I talk with about the course?

  • For any questions please contact Dan Newby at dan@schoolofemotions.world.



Americas/EMEA Regions:
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