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Where is the School of Emotions?
School of Emotions is not a physical building or location. We know that learning happens in many ways and through many methods. School of Emotions was created to allow anyone, anywhere in the world to learn about emotions in their preferred way, at their own pace, when they are ready.
Who is behind School of Emotions?
Dan Newby is the founder of School of Emotions. He is trained as a teacher and coach and has taught emotions to thousands of coaches, leaders, and educators throughout the world. He is a speaker, writer, and coach committed to helping people elevate their emotional awareness and literacy.
How is emotional literacy different than emotional intelligence?
Just as IQ is a measure of your potential to learn cognitively, EQ (or emotional intelligence) is a measure of your potential to learn emotionally. People develop their intellect through traditional literacy – the ABCs. In the same way, we can increase our emotional intelligence by learning to notice, name and navigate our emotions.
Do I have to be a therapist to work with emotions?
We do often connect emotions and emotional health with therapy, but emotions are a part of every human's make up. We all have emotions, but most of us have never learned much about them. Emotional literacy is not a substitute for therapy or counseling but is a tool we can use every day as we react and respond to the world around us.
Does Dan offer individual coaching or mentoring?
Yes, Dan takes individual clients. If you are interested in exploring the idea, please send him a note on the contact form, and he will be in touch with you directly.
What if I want a customized program or workshop?
Dan has designed and led many customized programs and workshops for organizations ranging from schools systems, global enterprises, and small start-ups. Please send a contact form with your specific question or interest and Dan will be in touch with you to set up a conversation.