Emotional Mastery Learning Groups

What is it?

The Emotional Mastery Groups meet bi-weekly to explore the meaning of individual emotions, the relationships between emotions, and how to leverage emotions both professionally and personally. Groups are limited to 10 participants and meet for a calendar quarter to generate connection and safety. Sessions are recorded and presentation materials are provided after each session.

When do the four groups meet?
  • Thursdays at noon U.S. ET/18h00 Central European Time
  • Fridays at noon U.S. ET/18:00 Central European Time
  • Thursdays at 18:30 Singapore/21:30 Sydney (Asia Pacific/ EMEA Group)/ 11:30 Central European Time
  • Saturdays at 16:00 Singapore/19:00 Sydney (Asia Pacific/ EMEA Group)/ 9:00 Central European Time
What are the dates?
  • Thursday groups will meet on May 11th & 25th, June 8th & 22nd, July 6th & 20th.
  • Friday groups will meet on May 12th & 26th, June 9th & 23rd, and July 7th & 21st.
  • Saturday groups will meet on May 13th & 27th, June 10th & 24th, and July 8th & 22nd.
How much does it cost?
  • Each quarter (6 sessions) costs U.S. $299.

For questions or more information please send the form below and let’s set up a conversation!


Available dates

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