"The Unopened Gift" book study with author Dan Newby

We all have emotions. They are a gift we received as humans, but most of us have done little to explore or understand how they can support us. Reading The Unopened Gift will change your understanding of the role emotions play and could play in your life.

Emotions-Centered Coaching Course w/Dan Newby

What is it? A 4 or 6-part Zoom hosted course to help you build a practical and powerful understanding of emotions as an essential coaching tool and introduce you to the Emotions-Centered Coaching Model.

Designed and presented by Dan Newby, best-selling author on emotional literacy, founder of, and a global advocate for emotional learning.

Moving Beyond Imposter Syndrome w/Dan Newby

How would life be different if you could shake the feeling that you are inadequate or not as important as other people?

In this 3-session online course with others who are similarly challenged, you will learn tools and practices that will change the way you see yourself and allow you freedom to choose how you’d like to live

There are no courses scheduled at this time