Beyond Imposter Syndrome: Strengthening Self-Worth

How would life improve if you could shake the feeling that you are “not enough”?

Join Dan for this immersive, practice-based exploration.
It’s called ‘imposter syndrome’, low self-esteem, believing you are a fake or phony, feeling like a fraud, or unworthy. We’re often told that the way to overcome this sense of “not being enough” is by thinking positive thoughts or to “fake ’till you make it”. Anyone who has tried those knows that they might help but aren’t enough to permanently change the way you feel about yourself.

Emotional Mastery group

A twice-monthly conversation that builds your emotional awareness, comprehension, and fluency. Intimate, immersive, and connecting!
Dan is the author of four books that explain emotional literacy from a practical perspective and propose ways we can develop it as a life skill. He is committed to supporting people to develop their emotional understanding and competence.

Emotions-Centered Coaching Course w/Dan Newby

What is it? A 6-part Zoom hosted course to help you build a practical and powerful understanding of emotions as an essential coaching tool.

Designed and presented by Dan Newby, best-selling author on emotional literacy, founder of, and a global advocate for emotional learning.

Emotions-Centered Coaching Course REFRESH w/Dan Newby

A monthly community of practice conversation to reinvigorate your knowledge of and skills using Emotions-Centered Coaching

Five Emotional Imperatives for Leaders with Dan Newby

An original and powerful approach to leadership in which Dan Newby will lead you through key emotional fields that affect every leader.

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