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  2. Beyond Imposter Syndrome: Strengthening Self-Worth

Beyond Imposter Syndrome: Strengthening Self-Worth

How would life improve if you could shake the feeling that you are “not enough”? Join Dan for this immersive, practice-based exploration.

It’s been called ‘imposter syndrome’, low self-esteem, believing you are a fake or phony, feeling like a fraud, or unworthy. We’re often told that the way to overcome this sense of “not being enough” is by thinking positive thoughts or to “fake ’till you make it”. Anyone who has tried those knows that they might help but aren’t enough to permanently change the way you feel about yourself.


What is “Beyond Imposter Syndrome”?

A three-session online course with others who are similarly challenged to learn tools and practices that will change your life. Each session is 90 minutes long and held an atmosphere of trust and intimacy.


Who is teaching?

Dan Newby, a long-time coach, author on the topic of emotions and emotional literacy, and founder of the School of Emotions. He designed this course based on 20 years of coaching clients who struggle with self-esteem and are ready to change. This course is offered in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.


What is the philosophical foundation of the course?

Beyond Imposter Syndrome is based on emotional learning. It is not therapy nor a replacement for therapy. It is a course of study that helps participants expand their emotional vocabulary and recognize their emotional blind spots.

All that we do as humans is based on emotions because they are the energy that moves us to act. Every emotion is co-creative with a specific story. When we realize this relationship and the logical structure of emotions we can begin to use them as a tool and life skill.


What will you learn?
  • That even very successful people, like you, sometimes live with the belief they are ‘not enough’.
  • That you have the ability to change what you believe about yourself
  • To identify emotions that are provoking your challenge and emotions that are barriers to overcoming it
  • Practices for self-empowerment
  • A path forward based on dignity, self-respect, and self-care

…and you will connect and build relationships with other participants who will support you on this learning journey.


What does it cost?

U.S. $295 or equivalent.

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