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  • The Unopened Gift

    The Unopened Gift offers a practical interpretation of emotions that converts them from adversary to ally. Emotions are part of our make up as humans, but too often we’ve left their development to chance. This enjoyable book demystifies emotions and allows you to see them as a tool that will enhance your life.

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  • 21 Days to Emotional Literacy

    This workbook takes you on a self-paced journey to examine your personal understanding of emotions and areas it can be expanded. You can complete it in 3 weeks or at the pace that suits your learning. It is guaranteed to enhance your understanding of the role emotions play in your life and ways they can become tools to enhance it.

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  • The Field Guide to Emotions

    The first step in developing emotional intelligence is being able to identify the emotion we are experiencing. The Field Guide to Emotions is designed to help you do exactly that. 150 essential emotions are described in a variety of ways that will help you name the emotion you are feeling or observe in others. A wonderfully useful reference for anyone interested in growing their emotional awareness and coaches, teachers, leaders and others who work in support of human development

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  • The Journey Inside

    Coaching can be approached at may levels: Conscious, subconscious, emotions, way-of-being, and soul. The Journey Inside: Coaching to the Core, is the produce of seven coaches who have developed unique coaching methodologies over decades of practice. Dan Newby has contributed two chapters on his model of Emotions-Centered Coaching, which put emotions at the center of effective coaching.

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