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Current Work:

Dan is a champion for Emotional Literacy, and works with leaders, educators, and coaches worldwide. His passion is helping emotional literacy become common sense and emotions a tool for daily use.

He has authored four books on emotional literacy and its application to coaching. He regularly leads his course Emotions-Centered Coaching for coaches and “people who support people” including leaders, therapists, educators, faith leaders, and parents.

He has worked with leaders in the U.S., Germany, Italy, El Salvador, Mexico, Slovakia, UK, Singapore and Canada. His coaching clients come from manufacturing, educational organizations, and NGOs. He often combines individual and group work and is the originator of Emotions-Centered Coaching.

His training and mentoring of coaches occur primarily through his online training programs, virtual, and live masterclasses.

Education and Training:

Dan holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Drury University in the U.S. His coach training was with Newfield Network where he also studied Integral and Somatic Coaching. He is trained as a Clifton StrengthsFinder Coach through the Gallup Organization, London and holds a PCC Certification from ICF backed by more than 7000 hours of coaching

Work History:

Before his work as a coach and trainer he worked 25 years in private business in roles ranging from production to CEO. From 2006 to 2012 he served as COO, CEO, and Senior Course Leader for Newfield Network Coach Training School in Boulder, Colorado. He led training for Newfield in the U.S., Europe, and Canada. He has been independent since 2012 working with individual and organizational clients in the area of emotional literacy and Emotions-Centered Coaching, a methodology he developed

Personal History:

Born in the U.S. Dan spent his elementary years in Congo, Northern Rhodesia, and Switzerland and, at 19, one year in Israel. His young and middle adult years he lived in the Midwestern U.S., his father’s ancestral home. In 2006 he relocated to Colorado and since 2012 has lived in Spain. He is married to Lucy Núñez who is his partner in School of Emotions and co-author of two of his books.

Material Ressources

The Unopened Gift: A Primer in Emotional Literacy

Available on Amazon and Kindle in English, Spanish, Italian, and Slovakian.
Co-authored with Lucy Núñez.

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The Field Guide to Emotions: A Practical Orientation to 150 Essential Emotions

Available on Amazon and Kindle.
Co-authored with Curtis Watkins.

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21 Days to Emotional Literacy: A Personal Journey

Available on Amazon and Kindle in English and Spanish.
Co-authored with Lucy Núñez.

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Emoli™ Emotion Flash Cards

Cards and exercises to build emotional knowledge through play.
Available in English, Spanish, and Slovakian through Emotion Flash Cards page

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Emotions-Centered Coaching

A 12-hour live course to build emotional literacy and introduce coaches to Emotions-Centered Coaching techniques.

Emotions and Coaching

A six-module online training course to build emotional literacy in coaches, available at

Pilots’ Emotional Fitness and Aviation Safety Leadership

An online training course for airline pilots and crews to help build their emotional competence, available at

School of Emotions

The School of Emotions was created by Dan Newby and Lucy Núñez to offer learning and resources to anyone interested in developing their emotional literacy.

All humans have an innate capacity for emotional learning. We often refer to this as emotional intelligence and it can be compared with our ability to learn intellectually. IQ is accessed and developed through linguistic literacy. EQ is accessed and developed through emotional literacy.

School of Emotions offers books, games, webinars, and courses suitable for beginner or advanced learners. Coaches, leaders, educators, safety professionals, or individuals wanting to grow in their ability to understand, articulate, and use emotions as a tool will find what they need here. If it doesn’t already exist, we will collaborate on its creation. The Unopened Gift: A Primer in Emotional Literacy is our foundational book and sets out a new interpretation of emotions. In it, we propose that emotions are a human competence that can be developed and used as a daily tool.

For coaches, we offer courses and certification in Emotions-Centered Coaching and for leaders, we offer coaching and mentoring focused on emotions as a leadership competence.

For educators, we offer ways to build emotional awareness, understanding, and integration for their personal growth and the growth of their students, and for parents and partners emotional learning that is indispensable to healthy relationships.

We are emotional beings and that is a good thing. What so many of us have missed is a clear process for developing our emotional awareness, understanding, and ability to articulate our emotions. School of Emotions was created to show what we’ve missed and put us on the road to emotional mastery.