Emotion Flash Cards

Emoli™ flash cards are designed to make emotions tangible so that you can sort, consider and play with them. Coaches, therapists, leaders, educators, and individuals will find them indispensable to help identify, reflect on and prioritize their own emotions and those of their teams, students, clients or families.

Each beautifully produced packet contains 67 emotions deconstructed into the information it provides, the impulse we feel, and it’s purpose. You’ll receive an insert giving an overview of the cards’ use along with exercises for coaches, leaders or individuals.


6 exercises | 67 emotion cards | Explanatory pamphlet
Available in English, Spanish, Slovakian, German

Discover Your Emotions

Why Emoli™ Cards?

“I was delighted to discover your Emoli cards and have found them very helpful building my emotional vocabulary. I’ve even introduced them to my 11-year-old and we’ve had some great conversations about emotions, their meanings, and purposes.”

Robert T. – Executive and father.

“As a coach, I’m always looking for tools that I can use with my clients. I have found Emoli cards to be simple, practical, enjoyable, and effective. I use them both in coaching and in my team facilitation where they are always well received.”

Jane C. – Coach and trainer

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