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Five Emotional Imperatives for Leaders with Dan Newby

What is it? An original and powerful approach to leadership in which Dan Newby will lead you through key emotional fields that affect every leader.

This Dan Newby and School of Emotions program is an exclusive collaboration with The SEVA Collective.

In his original and powerful approach to leadership, Dan Newby will lead you through the Five Emotional Imperatives or considerations that affect every leader. This immersive course will reframe the questions you ask yourself and the skills you choose to learn and in doing so, will strengthen your leadership standing, influence and effectiveness.

What are the Five Emotional Imperatives of Leadership
  • Every leader can consider their level of Energy: what is enough, what is too little, how to refresh and how to sustain energy levels.
  • Every leader faces the question of Assurance: to what degree do they trust themselves, their team, their stakeholders, the market and the future.
  • Every leader must remain aware of the significance and importance of how they Regard and value the people in their organisation and their clients.
  • Every leader can make key choices about Proximity: the degree of proximity or space they choose to maintain with each interaction.
  • Every leader can strengthen their Resilience: the ability to rebound from or adapt to unexpected events.


Who will benefit from this programme:
  • Leaders, managers, consultants, coaches or others who want to learn how to lead a coaching conversation by leveraging emotions as a tool.
  • Coaches of any experience level who want to expand their range of skills and offer a unique coaching approach centered on emotions.


What will you learn?
  • How increasing emotional competency can powerfully impact your leadership energy, perspective, and relationships.
  • To notice and name your emotions and understand the information they are offering.
  • To understand and explore the logic of emotions and how to deconstruct emotions into their three key elements.
  • To fluidly weave emotional distinctions into your thinking, leading and conversations.
  • To navigate your emotions in the service of your leadership and coaching capability.


How is the course presented?
  • This programme is presented as five 2-hour sessions in consecutive weeks.
  • Recordings of sessions will be shared with participants who are unable to attend any of the sessions.
  • Beyond each weekly session, you may need to commit approximately 1-hour of additional time to complete reflective practices or complete small assignments.
  • This Leadership Development Journey is designed and presented by Dan Newby, best-selling author on Emotional Literacy, founder of www.schoolofemotions.world, and a global advocate for emotional learning.


What is the tuition investment

The cost is $695 or equivalent. This includes 10 hours of live online learning, Dan’s presentation deck and Zoom session recordings.


What is the tuition investment

If you are interested in this course and the full investment is currently beyond your means, please connect with us at The SEVA Collective (www.thesevacollective.co) to explore options.

We can explore various Payment Options and our approach is to enquire from our prospective participants, what payment options would work for them – do let us know what you would like to consider.


What else?

Each participant will receive a certificate of completion issued by the School of Emotions reflecting 10 International Coaching Federation (ICF) Core Competency CCEUs.

Dan Newby will be available for conversations about learning or coaching challenges as requested for the duration of the programme. This is a wonderful value-add and we suggest that participants take advantage of this offer.

At The SEVA Collective, our services are tailored to the individual and designed to facilitate personal growth and amplify leadership capacity & agility. In the context of a VUCA–World (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous), we support leaders to lean into creativity, consistency, emotional resilience, and a clear strategic focus. Some of the desired success measures are to strengthen Team Leadership Skills and to thrive in uncertainty. Our mission is for this to have a ripple effect and positively impact corporate and social culture. We are therefore incredibly excited to be partnering with Dan Newby to support leaders to be continuously explore their leadership growth journey.

Please contact me with any questions at dan@schoolofemotions.world.

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