Emotions-Centered Coaching certification

What is it?

A Certificate in Emotions-Centered Coach is evidence to your clients that you are competent to work with them in the area of emotions. Certification is achieved by completing the Emotions-Centered Coaching course followed by individual mentoring with Dan Newby.

How is it organized?

1. For each of the four sessions, you will record a Zoom coaching call in which you apply the distinctions you’ve learned. 2. Dan will review the recordings, share his written assessments, and 3. Dan will meet with you for a one hour mentoring call. The  schedule of sessions is customized to your needs. Once you and Dan are satisfied that you are comfortable and confident weaving emotional distinctions into your coaching and applying the Emotions-Centered Coaching model, you will be certified. The cost is U.S. $795.

What can I use it for?

You’ll receive a Certificate of ECC logo that can be used in your marketing and communications. In addition, you’ll join a select group of certified coaches who are certified in Emotions-Centered Coaching.

How do I get started?

Send us the form below and let’s set up a conversation!

Adriana Troxler
Certified Professional Coach, PCC

Young People Profiting from Emotional Literacy

Dan Newby's work on emotion has deeply influenced my work. I have helped and coached university students to become conscious leaders for the past decade. However, we were missing a critical competency: emotional literacy, which is rarely learned in the traditional educational system. Dan Newby introduced this topic to our leadership program and for the first time, these young people learned to notice their emotions accurately and understand their purpose — a life-changing skill for them.

I was already a fan of Dan Newby's work, and taking the ECC Certification was a natural path to becoming more equipped to guide my coachees. This process has upgraded my coaching skills. The ECC coaching process is transformational, and being mentored by Dan is a delight. He truly cares for you, has a lot of experience, and takes time for your learning. I highly recommend his work and the certification process.

Joan van den Brink
Author, coach, trainer

For a significant proportion of my life I would introduce myself by what I do for my work. It has taken me a while to define who I am. I am an individual who wants to make a positive difference in the lives of the people I touch. I do this in a multitude of ways – as a coach, consultant, friend, confidante, mother, daughter. Essentially, the core of these approaches is that I create safety by building trust, caring, showing compassion, being courageous, and using the wisdom that I have.

Going through the Emotions-Centered Coach certification has extended and deepened my emotional literacy. In my coaching sessions, exploring the emotions that clients are experiencing in the moment, even when they are relating past experiences, is so powerful. It allows them to unlock a deeper insight of which they were previously unaware. The new insight then helps them to understand what is driving their behaviours and they can determine if and how they want to change. I love to see that.  I also use these tools in personal situations to help myself, my family, and friends. Emotional literacy helps us in all aspects of our lives.


Jolene Watson
Professional Speaker & Trainer

Jolene Watson of Clarity Coaching & Development is an Award-Winning Professional Speaker, Trainer, and Networking Expert. She also has notable expertise in the areas of: Myers-Briggs® Communication Styles, Presentation Skills, and Stress Management. She is passionate about professional development, behavioral psychology, and helping her clients navigate emotions.

Jolene found the 'Emotions-Centered Coaching' course extremely beneficial in terms of incredible resources and extensive class discussions. She decided to go further and get her full 'Emotions-Centered Coaching' certification; the private coaching sessions with Dan were fully customized and provided so much feedback and insight. I highly recommend both the course and the full certification so you can take your coaching / facilitation skills to the next level!


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