Emotions-Centered Coaching


What is it?

A Certificate in Emotions-Centered Coach is evidence to your clients that you are competent to work with them in the area of emotions. Certification is achieved by completing the Emotions-Centered Coaching course followed by individual mentoring with Dan Newby.

How is it organized?

1. For each of the four sessions, you will record a Zoom coaching call in which you apply the distinctions you’ve learned. 2. Dan will review the recordings, share his written assessments, and 3. Dan will meet with you for a one hour mentoring call. The  schedule of sessions is customized to your needs. Once you and Dan are satisfied that you are comfortable and confident weaving emotional distinctions into your coaching and applying the Emotions-Centered Coaching model, you will be certified. The cost is U.S. $795.

What can I use it for?

You’ll receive a Certificate of ECC logo that can be used in your marketing and communications. In addition, you’ll join a select group of certified coaches who are certified in Emotions-Centered Coacing. 

How do I get started?

Send us the form below and let’s set up a conversation!

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