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Men and Their Emotions w/Dan Newby

What is it? A 6-part Zoom-hosted learning conversation to help you build a practical and powerful understanding of emotions as an essential life skill. Designed and presented by Dan Newby, best-selling author on emotional literacy, founder of www.schoolofemotions.world, and a global advocate for emotional learning.

Who is it for?

Men of any age or background interested in understanding their emotions better and learning to use them as a tool to improve their life.


What will you learn?
  • To notice and name your emotions
  • To expand your emotional vocabulary
  • To name them with precision and interpret their message and meaning
  • To understand their logic and role
  • To shift from an emotion that isn’t serving you to one that will
  • To respond appropriately rather than simply reacting when an emotion is triggered
  • To anticipate and select emotions that will make your interactions more constructive


How is it organized?

75-minute sessions held twice in September, October, and November for a total of six. We will meet on September 9th & 23rd, October 7th & 21st, and November 4th & 18th.

Scheduled from noon to 1:15 p.m. Eastern Time U.S./ 18h00 to 19h15 Central European Time. Please check your local time at www.timeanddate.com


What does it cost?

The course cost is $299 U.S. or equivalent. If this rate is not possible in your financial situation, please contact me at dan@schoolofemotions.world to explore possibilities.


What else?
  • This learning conversation is NOT a substitute for counseling or therapy. It is a safe place for men to learn and grow emotionally in conversation with a teacher and each other.
  • You will have access to me, Dan Newby, for conversations about your learning or challenges upon request

Please contact me for any questions at dan@schoolofemotions.world

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