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"The Unopened Gift" book study with author Dan Newby

Emotions are part of us all. They are a gift we received as humans, but most of us have done little to explore or understand how they can support us. Reading The Unopened Gift will change your understanding of the role emotions play and could play in your life.

Who is leading this conversation?

Join author Dan Newby in a six-session book study group for his illuminating book, The Unopened Gift. Dan is the founder of The School of Emotions which offers emotional literacy training and coaching. “Studying with Dan changed my life. My emotional learning added a deep layer of richness, understanding, and peace,”is how one participant summed up their experience.


What we’ll do

Each week we’ll cover a pre-assigned section of the book in depth. There will be time for discussion, questions, and contextualizing the concepts to your life. Dan will be available “after class” to talk with by email or Zoom if there are topics you’d prefer to discuss outside of the group setting.


What are the logistics?

Group size is limited to 10 so that you’ll be able to connect with and learn from other participants. Sessions will be held weekly at the same time. For specific dates and times please see individual cohort listings.

If you do not own the book it can be purchased at my website www.schoolofemotions.world or I will provide an electronic copy upon request.

Sessions will be recorded in case you cannot attend and for future use by School of Emotions.

If you have any questions about this study group or School of Emotions please write to me at dan@schoolofemotions.world.

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