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Emotional Mastery Group

A twice-monthly conversation that builds your emotional awareness, comprehension, and fluency. Intimate, immersive, and connecting!
Dan is the author of four books that explain emotional literacy from a practical perspective and propose ways we can develop it as a life skill. He is committed to supporting people to develop their emotional understanding and competence.


What is the Emotional Mastery Group?
  • A small group that meets twice each month to explore individual emotions, clusters of emotions, and ways to integrate these new distinctions into their personal and work lives.
  • Each quarter the same 8 to 10 participants will meet for six 75-minute sessions to learn about emotions in both theory and practice.

Subscription is by quarter and costs US $299*. (If this is beyond your ability to pay please contact me for a conversation about how we might organize your participation. My email is dan@schoolofemotions.world).


Benefits reported by participants
  • “I’ve learned about emotions that I thought I understood but now realize had much more nuance than I imagined.”
  • “My emotional vocabulary has grown enormously!”
  • “I’m much more comfortable with acknowledging the emotion I’m feeling whether I share it with others or not.”
  • “I’m so happy to have a place I can come to have this conversation!”
  • “I’ve begun to ask my coachees more directly about the emotion they are experiencing and what it means to them, which has deepened my coaching.”


Dates and logistics
  • Sessions are recorded and the presentation slides are shared after each session.

Available dates