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  2. Free Intro to Emotions-Centered Coaching and School of Emotions - Nov 30th

Free Intro to Emotions-Centered Coaching and School of Emotions – Nov 30th

For anyone interested in learning a practice-based approach to emotions and their application personally and professionally.


What is it?

A free one-hour introduction to Emotions-Centered Coaching and School of Emotions including Q&A with Dan Newby. The full Emotions-Centered Coaching course is a 4-part Zoom hosted series that helps you build a practical and powerful understanding of emotions as an essential coaching tool. Designed and presented by Dan Newby, best-selling author on emotional literacy, founder of www.schoolofemotions.world, and a global advocate for emotional learning.

School of Emotions offers books, tools, conversation groups, and a new iPhone app that expand your emotional range and that teach you ways to leverage them as a daily tool.


Who is it for?

Coaches of any experience level who want to expand their range of skills and offer a unique approach centered on emotions. Leaders, educators, or others who want to learn how to leverage emotions as a tool.


What will you learn?

  • What School of Emotions offers
  • How we approach emotions as practical, logical, and universal
  • What is the Emotions-Centered Coaching™
  • How we can learn to articulate emotions with precision and how to deconstruct them into their three essential elements
  • How to notice and employ various dimensions of emotions such as time orientation, direction of reference, and emotions about emotions
  • How to listen for the emotions associated with and underlying your behavior or that of others
  • How to fluidly weave emotional distinctions into your coaching, leading, and conversations
  • How to navigate your own emotions in the service of your coaching and leadership

How is it organized?

This is a free one-hour introduction and Q&A session for those interested in the Emotions-Centered Coaching course and School of Emotions.

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