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Masterclass: Leveraging Emotions to Navigate Challenging Relationships

We all have people in our lives we think of as “difficult”. But, why is it that we consider them challenging when other people may not?


For reasons we may not understand we all seem to find ourselves dealing with people we consider difficult or challenging. The odd thing is that others may not see these same people in that way. So, why us?

One approach to better understanding these experiences is through the lens of emotions. An interesting thing about emotions is that we feel emotions not just about things that happen to us but also due to the emotions of other people.

In this 90-minute Masterclass, Dan Newby will explore:

  • What does it mean when we say someone is “difficult”?
  • What emotions are provoked in you when interacting with these people?
  • What are the emotions in them that you find difficult to navigate?
  • What emotions might you leverage to create an experience you consider more positive?
  • How can you go about generating those emotions?

Dan will work with a volunteer to demonstrate how these questions can lead to new possibilities.

You will discover things a new approach to understanding and navigating relationships with all people including those that you find challenging.

The cost is $25 and space is limited.

This session will not be recorded.

If you have questions please contact dan@schoolofemotions.world or sam@thesevacollective.co.

We look forward to seeing you on February 15th!

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