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There is no more important life skill than Emotional Literacy. Recognizing, naming, and understanding what our emotions are trying to tell us is life changing. It is a skill as important as linguistic literacy and something we can all learn. Step onto the path to emotional literacy with us.

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Hi, I’m Dan Newby.

The most important and challenging learning in my life has been developing my emotional literacy. It has given me a tremendous life skill and transformed my life. Many of my students say something similar happened for them. My passion is to help others discover the impact emotional literacy can make in their lives

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There are many paths to emotional literacy…which would you like to explore?

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What is it? This NEW Dan Newby Programme is an exclusive collaboration with The SEVA Collective.

In his original and powerful approach to leadership, Dan Newby will lead you through the Five Emotional Imperatives or considerations that affect every leader. This immersive course will reframe the questions you ask yourself and the skills you choose to learn and in doing so, will strengthen your leadership standing, influence and effectiveness.

Start date August 3rd or October 30th - 9:00 ET U.S./ 15:00 CET
Online Event
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